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Pink Gold Rose Necklace

Have you ever wondered what makes the rose so special?

A lot, actually, considering the flower’s rich history and high market demand. Today, roses are found in full bloom for weddings, anniversaries, romantic holidays, and even as a way of saying “sorry” to a loved one who was wronged.

The Rose is at once a symbol of purity and a symbol of passion,

  • heavenly perfection and earthly passion;
  • virginity and fertility;
  • death and life.

The rose is the flower of the goddess Venus but also the blood of Adonis and of Christ.

It is a symbol of transmutation – that of taking food from the earth and transmuting it into the beautiful fragrant rose.

The rose garden is a symbol of Paradise. It is the place of the mystic marriage.

✔  Pink roses represent a beautiful, fresh love and a pureness of emotion.


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