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Surface Hookah Diving System with 15M Hose Regulator

✅ Vacuum Pump is resistant to seawater corrosion.
✅ Very clean air for diving.
✅ Very quiet and produces only 55 decibels of sound when running, which is more quiet than an air conditioning unit.
✅ As a surface supplied air unit, these compressors make chores such as cleaning boat bottoms easier, and are often used for recreational diving activity as well.
✅ Continuous cycle performance. Run all day, every day.
✅ Can be permanently mounted or pulled on to the deck when needed.
✅ Requires less buoyancy weight than scuba. Breathing is more comfortable than scuba as moisture is drawn in from the surrounding air. Just be sure that the air around the compressor is uncontaminated.

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Delivery Time: 12 – 29 days

Voltage: 12V DC
Max Current: 13A
Power: 160 W
Max Flow Rate: 137L/Min
Max Pressure: 2.5BAR
Max Vacuum: -800 MBAR
Motor Speed: 1900 RPM
Supports 1 diver Max up to 82 feet / 25 meter
Noise: 60db
FNPT Inlet and FNPT Outlet: 1/4In
Pump Material: Aluminum
Valve Material: Stainless Steel
Size: 320 x 125 x 145mm
Weight: 10kg

Oil-Free Diaphragm Electric Vacuum Pump Third Lung Surface Hookah Diving System with 15M Hose Regulator 160W Y

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