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Eco-Friendly Durable Washing Laundry Ball

Helps the Environment by reducing Chemicals in the water

✅  Activated molecules (clusters) are released during laundering
✅  Cleaner and brighter fabric/clothes
✅  Eliminates mold and pathogenic Organisms
✅  Prevent skin allergy and irritation
✅  Cleaning and sterilizing with the use of chemicals
✅  Killing bad germs and saving good germs
✅  Softener effect with static electricity prevention

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  1. Note it is recommended for Laundry weight of 6 -8.5Kg or more, and it  becomes  necessary to place 2-3 laundry balls in the washing machine (at the top of the laundry,  in the middle of the laundry and one at the bottom) to get the same results.
  2. To make the water more PH active, it is recommended to leave the laundry ball into the laundry load  for 10-15 minutes before starting the wash cycle.
  3. When handling heavily soiled clothing,  add half of your normal detergent additive IN NATURAL SOAP ONLY, to the washing load.
  4. Any Chemicals will destroy the content of this ball.
  5. Recharge your ball once a month to make it last longer. If you do a lot of Laundry, it is recommended once a week. Charge by leaving in the sun for 7-8 hours.
  6. TIP OF The Week: Strong Alkaline Chemically free water is extremely beneficial for Flowering Plants. Don’t Flush the water, Use it on your plants

Brand Name: PREUP
Model Number: ZK25100
Use: Sanitary
Net Weight: 164g
Color: Green
Diameter: 105mm


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